December 1 

8:00am–12:00pm New York | 2:00-6:00pm Morocco | 3:00-7:00pm Egypt, Palestine, Jordan

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in Eastern Standard Time

8:00-8:10AM      Opening remarks
8:10-10:00AM    Student presentations & interactive activities
10:00-10:15AM  BREAK
10:15-11:30AM  Career Success Workshop
11:30-11:50AM  Keynote: Judge Zahid N. Quraishi
11:50-12:00PM  Wrap-up

December 4 

8:00am-12:00pm New York | 2:00-6:00pm Morocco | 3:00-7:00pm Egypt, Palestine, Jordan

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in Eastern Standard Time

8:00-8:10AM     Opening remarks
8:10-10:00AM   Student presentations and interactive activities
10:00-10:15AM BREAK
10:15-11:30AM  Career Success Workshop  
11:30 -11:50 AM Keynote: Saed K. KhayatProfessor in Hydrogeology and Isotopes Hydrology
11:50-12:00PM Wrap-up  

Zahid N. Quraishi

Zahid N. Quraishi was appointed as a United States District Judge for the District of New Jersey on June 22, 2021. He previously served for two years as a United States Magistrate Judge in the Trenton Vicinage.  Zahid, who is of Pakistani ancestry, is the first Muslim American Article III judge in the United States.  Prior to his appointment to the federal bench, he was Chair of Riker Danzig’s White Collar Criminal Defense and Investigations Group and his firm’s first Chief Diversity Officer.  His practice focused on white collar criminal defense, internal corporate investigations, and complex civil litigation. Before joining Riker, Zahid served as an Assistant United States Attorney in the United States Attorney’s Office for the District of New Jersey for over five years. This past year, Zahid was recognized for his historical appointment as a district judge by the Consul General of Pakistan at a reception in his honor in New York City. 


Photo of Saed K. KhayatSaed K. Khayat

Dr. Saed K. Khayat is Professor in Hydrogeology and Isotopes Hydrology at the College of Agricultural Sciences and Technology and Palestine Technical University Kadoorie (PTUK), Tulkarm, Palestine. He is a senior researcher at Palestine Technical University Kadoorie Tulkarm. Works as Hydrogeologist and hydro-geochemist within the framework of integrated water resources Management. His work is focusing on various aspects of climate change impacts on water resources. Works for several years at the Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research in Halle Germany. Has more than 50 Publications, and participated in 8 international projects related to water management, water education, and innovative water solutions for water scarcity in the Middle East.